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Life’s better with Alder

Australian family owned excellence since 1982, Alder have immersed themselves in how you like to live, designing and crafting distinctly Australian tapware, showers and accessories that elevate your experience in the home at every touchpoint.

From vision to obsession

Alder’s story is one of pride, perseverance, and a belief that innovation can elevate the ordinary.

Founded in 1982, Alder rose from humble beginnings. Bringing together a team of highly skilled designers and engineers, we embarked on a journey to revolutionise the tapware industry and redefine bathroom aesthetics with statement style that changes the way you experience a space.

Today, our collection of taps, showers, mixers, and accessories inspire architects, interior designers, and homeowners alike. Designed with passion and engineered with precision, Alder products exude uncomplicated Australian modernism, fusing eminent craftsmanship with sustainable innovation to create timeless experiences at home.

You can now find Alder in homes, hotels, and commercial spaces the world over, transforming spaces and proving that life’s better with Alder.

Our History

Over 40 Years of Australian Family Owned Excellence

We started from humble beginnings in a suburban dining room with nothing but an innovative idea and entrepreneurial drive. Today, Alder operates from custom-built state of the art premises with a global world-class team.

Day 1

Tony Alder Taps was founded in January 1982, in a suburban dining room in Perth, WA.

RIO Collection 

First to offer coloured tapware at affordable prices to the building market. RIO was the only Collection of products for 13 years and is still going strong today.

Tony Alder Taps to Alder Tapware

Tony Alder Taps changed its name to Alder Tapware and established the Alder Tapware brand.

Verde Collection 

VERDE range is launched offering high gloss and metallic finished product to the market. VERDE is still popular today and in many Australian homes.

Vito Bertoni is born on the shores of Lake Como, Italy  

Travelling to Italy to source mixer products to add to the range, Tony and Cathy Alder were inspired to establish the brand Vito Bertoni. Influenced by European designs, this upmarket brand reflects the sophistication of the Lake Como area in Italy where it was born.

Alder now promotes both the Alder Tapware and Vito Bertoni brands.

Classico and Alto Mixers

Sourced the first mixer range of product from Italy, launching CLASSICO and ALTO Collections.

SAVE MODE launched

Technology that reduces household hot water energy costs by up to 20% per year. Being water efficient is expected. Being energy efficient as well is extraordinary.

SAVEMODE is core to every Vito Bertoni sink mixer and Collections.

Alder in custom built premises

Given continued growth and the need for expansion, Alder moves to a state-of-the-art purpose built head office, selection center, factory and warehouse in Balcatta WA.

SOHO & FLEX Collections 

Designer, quality products launched specifically for the Builders market.

NANOJET™ technology launched

NANOJET™ delivers a powerful and invigorating body jet for every day shower luxury. NANOJET™ is available in the LIFE Panel Shower, HS375 and HS350 shower handsets.

Universal in-wall body systems 

Alder delivers it’s own Universal in-wall body system that fits every Vito Bertoni product, regardless of colour finish. Intelligently designed, the innovation offers ultimate flexibility by allowing the colour finish to be interchanged pre or post installation, eliminating costly hold ups and rectification work by enabling easy updates to the finish at any time.

Lead Free tapware 

Delivering important public health benefits, Alder has lead free Builders specification level product first to market to support builders to transition early to the new regulatory required lead free tapware.

Progressive cartridge innovation

SOL range is launched using innovative progressive cartridge technology for architecturally designed high end fashion mixers.



For the future

This Australian life is precious. It’s up to all of us to take responsibility to protect our precious resources and create a positive future for all to enjoy.

At Alder, we’ve always believed deeply that sustainability and style can coexist harmoniously. We never waste an opportunity to innovate new ways to deliver socially conscious designs, through minimising our carbon footprint, delivering energy and water saving products and most importantly, prioritising your wellness for a better life.

It’s what they’re made from

Our sustainability story all starts with clever composition and a focus on socially conscious designs for our customers and community. Alder sources materials to minimises the use of lead in the production of tapware and have on average used less than half of the allowable lead under the current Australian Standards. They are at the forefront of delivering lead free products well ahead of the regulation change in May 2026, ensuring a continued focus on wellness.

It’s how efficiently they work

Water is a precious resource that requires innovative design to be enjoyed both responsibly without compromising performance. Alder tapware and showers invite you to enjoy rare moments of indulgence, with innovative tapware and showerheads intelligently designed to deliver optimal water flow while minimising consumption.

It’s how long they last

Day after day, amidst the rigors of this beautiful Australian life, Alder quality endures. Designed with durability and longevity in mind to minimise the need to replace, our sublime craftsmanship and engineering ensure Alder tapware and showerheads stand the test of time.

It’s how they’re made

We’re continuously optimising our manufacturing practices. Energy-efficient technologies reduce waste generation throughout production lines, ensuring we make the most of all available resources.

It’s how we pack them

We prioritise efficient and compact packaging solutions, made from recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials wherever possible, to ensure our exquisite tapware and showerheads make it into your home safely and sustainably.

It’s the benchmarks we set

At Alder, we know sustainability best practice is constantly evolving. We proactively raise our consciousness by working closely with industry experts to stay up to date with the latest eco-friendly technologies, initiatives and certifications.


Anticipating tomorrow’s trends

The way we enjoy our kitchens and bathroom is forever evolving.  Alder is continuously thinking forward to anticipate the next trends and ground-breaking technologies that set the benchmark for functionality, socially conscious designs and user experience. We wake up every day at the forefront of innovation, continuously pushing boundaries to revolutionise the industry.

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Water & Energy Saving Technology

Inspired by nature, designed by intelligence. Alder is committed to saving energy and water to protect the planet with their SAVEMODE innovation. With SAVEMODE when you turn on your mixer tap from the neutral position, you use only 100% cold water. Whereas conventional mixers use 50% hot and 50% cold, thus igniting the hot water system and using unwanted energy. Alders innovative SAVEMODE reduces your use of energy by not igniting the hot water system when it is not required.



Delivering Lead Free Tapware

Alder is delivering important public health benefits to our builders, their customers and the community in 2024, with the introduction of lead free tapware at the builder specification and value for money end of the market. With a focus on wellness and living better for a more sustainable life, Alder have focused on delivering lead free products first across their volume products. All of Alder’s current tapware range has used on average less than half the allowable lead under the current Australian Standards. The company has always worked hard to minimise the use of lead.


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Make everyday extraordinary

The NANOJET is a revolutionary water spray technology that atomises water into small luxurious droplets and increases the surface area by up to 10 times, resulting in better coverage and improved shower performance. This creates an invigorating and powerful body jet experience for every day luxury – it’s a day spa experience every day.




Simplification and choice

ALDER Universal is the universal in-wall body system that fits Vito Bertoni products, regardless of colour finish. Intelligently designed with the handle lever pointing upwards, downwards or progressive function, the innovation offers ultimate flexibility by allowing the colour finish to be interchanged pre or post installation, eliminating costly hold ups and rectification work by enabling easy updates to the finish at any time. To simplify the ALDER Universal required based on the products handle design they are colour coded for easy identification.