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We're delivering lead free tapware safe for every Australian family home

By May 2026, all tapware installed in homes across Australia will be mandated by the Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) to be lead free.

This mandate is an industry measure aimed at safeguarding the quality of our drinking water. Long-term studies have shown that too much exposure to lead should be avoided – especially in relation to maximising healthy brain development for young children and minimising the risk of diseases like cancer.

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Removing lead from tapware is more important now than ever before

Australians have access to some of the highest quality drinking water in the world. But it makes sense that anything we can do sooner rather than later to reduce the amount of lead in the environment and reduce the risk of harm from lead exposure, is worth it, especially when this exposure can have long term implications and affect our family’s health.

The most critical factor influencing the level of lead in drinking water is the lead content in the plumbing product itself.

The ABCB’s paper ‘Lead in plumbing products in contact with drinking water. Final Regulation Impact Statement 2021,’ states that:

“Laboratory testing has shown that lead leaches from copper alloy plumbing products in contact with drinking water. The most effective means in further reducing lead content in drinking water are interventions targeted at the source, through the use of low lead plumbing products and materials.”

For the future

Making lead free accessible for all young families

One challenge in the industry’s lead free mandate lies in the affordability of lead-free tapware, which remains inaccessible to many young families embarking on homeownership. Recognising this issue, Alder has taken the initiative to offer stylish collections of affordable lead free taps and tapware, enabling budget-conscious families to opt for a safer alternative sooner.

Browse the full selection of lead free products available now.

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Alder Lead Free Products

The transition to lead free has already begun, with our volume products such as our kitchen sink mixers, bathroom tapware and wall mixers across the SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and MAXX Collections, already endorsed and available as Lead Free.

In addition to this, the ALFIE, CORI and NUOVA Calare Sink Mixers and Milano Vegie Mixer are also certified as lead free under the new standard and available now.

There are another 500+ products in the queue to be endorsed as lead free in the coming months, with over 70% of stock in our WA warehouse already lead free and waiting to be endorsed as such. It is expected that all our products will be endorsed as lead free by the end of 2024, early 2025.

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Lead Free FAQ's

‘Lead free’ refers to copper alloy plumbing products containing a weighted average of less than 0.25% lead.

This includes fittings, valves, backflow prevention devices, taps, mixers, water heaters, water dispenser and water meters.

From 1 May 2026, products containing more than a weighted average of 0.25% will no longer be able to be installed in Australia.

Lead free products have “LF” in the code as well as the product name.

When the product is endorsed as lead free it will be published on our Watermark schedule and appear under the ‘Lead Free Compliant’ column as ‘Yes’.

Lead free product will also be laser marked as such to make it easy to identify.

A number of our top selling mixer collections are available as lead free now, including SOHO, FLEX, SAMM and MAXX. We have also already transitioned some of our Vito Bertoni Sink Mixers, including ALFIE, CORI and NUOVA Calare Sink Mixers.

All of our products will be transitioned to lead free in the next 12 months, well before the mandated May 2026 deadline.

Although Australia’s drinking water is of a high quality, there is potential for lead to leach from copper alloy plumbing products in contact with drinking water.

The Australian Building Codes Board has reviewed studies that demonstrate the long-term health benefits of using lead free plumbing products.  This is especially important for young children, with studies showing that too much exposure to lead should be avoided to maximise healthy brain development and minimise the risk of diseases like cancer.

North America and some European countries have already made this transition.

No, some products that are not in constant contact with drinking water and have a low likelihood of being used for drinking water consumption are exempt from this requirement.

This includes products such as shower heads, washing machines and dishwashers.

While existing tapware products are safe, it is the recommendation of health officials that where lead can be reduced, it should be. If you do not have lead free tapware, you can limit the lead leeching into your drinking water by:

  • Running your tap before drinking to allow the pipes and fittings to flush, where water has been stagnant for an extended period of time (e.g. overnight)
  • Use cold water for drinking and cooking