NANOJET™ aeronautical technology atomises water into small luxurious droplets and increases the surface area by up to 10 times. This creates an invigorating and powerful body jet for every day luxury – it’s a day spa experience every day.

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What if every time you used your mixer tapware you were saving energy and reducing your impact on the environment. At Alder we have created an innovative technology that does just that – SAVE MODE™.

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Alder’s AMOR-KOTE™ contemporary finishes have superior scratch resistance, durability, anti-fingerprint and a lustrous finish that will last the test of time. Our 7 year contemporary finish warranty makes it clear we back the quality of our AMOR-KOTE™ finishes.

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Innovation at Alder is all about making things better – for you the customer. From incremental change to market first innovations, we celebrate each and every win and encourage our team to ‘think outside of the box.’

More Innovations

Left hand side lever if you are left handed
Centre position to suit all individual needs
Right hand side lever if you are right handed


Alder tapware is engineered with MULTI-INSTALL™ technology – no additional parts required. One product can be installed in three different ways to best suit individual needs or preference.

The lever can be installed on the left side, right side or in the central position of the mixer. Traditionally levers are installed on the right-hand side although this doesn’t suit everyone, especially people who are left handed.

We are inclusive by design and ensure that our tapware can be installed to meet your needs and make everyday use easier.

Lever on the right-hand side in the horizontal position
Lever on the left-hand side in the horizontal position


We believe the finer detail matters – just like an Interior Designer.

Ever wondered why the interior designed master bathrooms look so great – they install tapware using mirror image installation. SMART-INSTAL™ enables you to install your Wall Basin Mixer Set using mirror image installation to achieve that ‘interior designed’ look.

SMART-INSTAL™ enables you to install one product in three different ways; horizontally with the lever on the left or right and vertically with the lever on the top. This is achieved using Alders Installation Plate that is an Alder Registered Design.

Architecturally designed to ensure stream lined aesthetics and an ‘interior designed’ look.

Available on any of the Alder backplated products that all come with an Alder Installation Plate for easy and quick installation.

4 Layer Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Technology


At Alder we carry out extensive engineering work and testing to ensure our products support our premium quality commitment.

A shower is to be relaxing and luxurious and so at Alder we ensure every shower has an ultra-wide spray pattern, which means your shower is more enjoyable.

Our shower spray patterns have a minimum of 180mm diameter at 500mm from the shower handset and 9 litres per minute or WELS 3 Star – this is world class.

Alder shower sprays are straight and strong, they don’t sag. It’s this attention to detail that sets Alder apart from the rest.

Unique Locking O-Ring
Unique Locking O-Ring


Alder has created MIXER-LOK® that ensures your kitchen mixer will never work loose over time. This is a common issue that Alder has found a solution for.

MIXER-LOK® is a unique fixing system that incorporates a mixer locking nut design to ensure Alder Kitchen Sink Mixers never work loose.