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Customer Care

Alder products are made from premium materials and the lustrous finish should be treated with care. Following these instructions will ensure you extend the lifetime of your Alder products and maintain the lustrous finish.

Regular Cleaning

It’s best to use a warm diluted soapy solution and a dry soft microfibre cloth to clean your products to maintain the lustrous finish. We recommend that you immediately wash off any residue left by liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel or toothpaste after use.

Do not use harsh cleaning agents containing caustics, abrasive, citrus acid, bleach, vinegar or alcohol ingredients. Do not use abrasive cloths or souring pads or the surface will become damaged. Use of harsh cleaning agents or abrasive cloths will void the warranty for the product.

Mineral Deposits

Due to impurities in most water supplies, regular cleaning of aerators and shower heads is recommended on a monthly basis. Overtime impurities in the water may appear as brown spots on stainless steel metal shower hoses. This is not rust and just a build-up of mineral deposits. In this case we recommend soaking the shower hose in 1-part vinegar/2-parts water over night.

Outside Elements

Salt spray and chlorine can cause damage to product finishes. Avoid locating the products in environments that are exposed to the outside elements.

Contemporary Finishes

Our contemporary finishes are ultra-durable and so the ‘Regular Cleaning’ instructions above work well. The occasional application of a non-abrasive polish such as Mr SheenTM helps prevent water spots on these finishes.

Further Information

For any further information regarding installation, cleaning or replacement parts, please contact our Customer Service team on customer.service@aldertapware.com.au or 1800 800 919.